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Milo Engineering is a family owned and operated manufacturer.
We take great pride in producing precision machined parts.

The company was started by Hermann Hofer in 1977. Hermann and his wife
Inge came from Austria in 1963. Prior to 1963, Hermann spent many years
working as a machinist & apprentice in Switzerland and Austria.

The Milo Engineering shop is owned and managed by their son Ray, who
joined the company after serving in the United States Marine Corps. Together
with the other experienced machinists at Milo Engineering, we are able to
offer a combination of hard work and extensive machining experience.

Our Business Philosophy
We believe our customer comes first. By combining high quality equipment
with knowledgeable people, we can offer you full service and peace of mind.
Our success depends on long term relationships and keeping our customers
happy. Achieving this means quick programming, quick setups and quality
work done correctly and on time

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Milo Engineering has won a new multi-year contract with Northrop Grumman
to support their Global Hawk and G-2000 Guideline system and requirements

Ray and Hermann
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CNC Turning
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CNC Milling
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Subcontractor for Northrop Grumman, L3 EDD and Boeing, for over 30 years.

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